Implantable Body Core Thermometer
Implantable Body Core Thermometer
Implantable Body Core Thermometer
Implantable Body Core Thermometer
Implantable Body Core Thermometer
Implantable Body Core Thermometer




The shape of the implantable core thermometer SV224I is the same as that of the drug capsule, with a miniaturized, sealed and waterproof structure. The external flexible sensor is inserted into the anus and can also be implanted under the skin of animals to continuously measure and record body core temperature. It is suitable for various experimental animals such as rats, rabbits, dogs, and is also used to wear in the human anus.


·Measuring range: 25.0 43.0 , ± 0.2

·Measurement cycle 10 seconds/14 days of measurement data storage

·The recorded data can be sent to the specified network address

·Transmission distance: external ≥ 10m, internal ≤ 3m

·Mobile App can monitors the data of multiple thermometers

·Standby time 100 days/service life 45 days

·Size: D8.9xL22mm(main unit) / D1.6xL65mm(soft sensor)

·Weight :1.4g



- Tips!!!

The thermometer can only be used for 45 days. Use it as soon as possible after purchase to avoid expiration.

- Download App

The mobile phone scans the QR code or downloads our app TempView in the Apple Store and Google Play.

—Activate the thermometer

The thermometer can only be used after being activated. Please follow the steps below to activate :

Put the thermometer into the freezer of the refrigerator for about 10 minutes, and the temperature in the freezer is required to be ≤ 0 .

Take out the thermometer from the refrigerator, put the soft sensor into the   40 to 60 ℃    hot water.

Take out the thermometer 15 minutes later. When the app scans the device, it indicates that it is activated. Otherwise, repeat the above steps.

—Installation method

Implantation subcutaneous measurement

* Implant the soft sesor under the skin of animal or in other positions by needle

*Slowly pull out the needle, and pay attention not to take out the temperature sensing thread. If the thread is taken out, repeat the operation.

*Remove the rabbit hair from the implanted wound and apply 3-4 drops of medical glue. The wound will heal quickly.

*Finally, wear the thermometer on the rabbit's back with a self-adhesive bandage. 

Measure anal temperature

Apply lubricating grease to the flexible temperature probe, slowly rotate or twitch it up and down to the depth of 5cm into the anus, and then fix the thermometer at the anal gap with a wound bandage.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to increase wireless transmission distance

It is recommended to use well-known brand business phones to run the app TempView.

Q2: The thermometer cannot be activated

Check whether the temperature of the refrigerator is lower than 0 , and the water temperature in the insulation cup should be higher than 40 and lower than 60 .

Q3: Cannot connect device

Check whether Bluetooth is enabled on the mobile phone, place the mobile phone within 1 meter of the thermometer or restart the app, and operate repeatedly

Q4: Unable to download records

In the process of downloading the recorded data, the following contents are displayed on the screen for 2 minutes. Please put the mobile phone close to the thermometer and re-start the operation, or download the recorded data when the capsule is out of the body.

Q5: How to prolong the service life

When the thermometer is not in use, put it in the refrigerator below zero and reactivate it when in use.