Wireless Thermometer for Animal
Wireless Thermometer for Animal
Wireless Thermometer for Animal
Wireless Thermometer for Animal
Wireless Thermometer for Animal
Wireless Thermometer for Animal

Item specifics

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The wireless thermometer SV226 for animals is consistent with the ear canal of livestock. The ear plug shape is miniaturized, sealed and waterproof, and the weight is only 1.8g. The use method is like Bluetooth headset, which is inserted into the ear canal of pigs, cattle, sheep and livestock for long-term wear, continuously measures and records the core temperature of livestock, carries the identity information and growth records of livestock, and wirelessly transmits the data to the mobile phone of on-site breeding management personnel or the network to the designated address.

The keepers can monitor the temperature of livestock in real time through mobile phones, accurately predict the physiological conditions of livestock, such as epidemic disease, estrus, pregnancy and litter, improve the breeding efficiency and reduce labor costs. It effectively solves the pain points of agricultural breeding epidemic disease prevention and control, low breeding level and food safety, and improves breeding efficiency by 30%.


·Measurement, recording and wireless transmission of temperature data

·Data is transmitted to the mailbox/WeChat/QQ through the network

·Smartphone or data reader displays temperature data

·Data presentation mode Temperature curve or record form

·Transmission distance: ≥ 30m for phone and ≥ 100m for repeater

·Measurement range: 32.0 43.0

·Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 0.2

·Measuring cycle 10 sec /recording interval 300 sec

·Body temperature data storage capacity: 4096 groups

·Sealed, dust-proof, waterproof, weight 15 g

·Product size: D8mm x L30mm

·Battery life 2 years

Operating Steps

- Install App software

The mobile phone scans the QR code or downloads the app TempView in the Apple Store and Google Play. 

—Wear Earplug

 Insert Earplug thermometer into the ear canal of the livestock to reach the correct position.

Packing List

SV226P for pig              Optional

SV226C for cow             Optional

SV226S for sheep           Optional

SC120 charger                1 pc

 App TempView               1 set

User Manual                  1 set