Bluetooth Earplug Thermometer
Bluetooth Earplug Thermometer
Bluetooth Earplug Thermometer
Bluetooth Earplug Thermometer
Bluetooth Earplug Thermometer
Bluetooth Earplug Thermometer

Item specifics




Thank you for using our Bluetooth Earplug Thermometer SV222 which is continuously measured and recorded
your body core temperature by smartphone and the measuring data is wireless send to the network.


·Measurement range: 25.0 ~ 43.0 , ± 0.2

·Measurement rate 10s / transmission distance ≥ 10m,record 4092B group data, flash alarm for abnormal body temperature

·Ear plug type flexible wearable structure, weight only 1.2g

·Continuously measure and record the temperature of human eardrum 

·External USB to charge the battery, 30 hours of life    

·Measure and record the tympanic membrane temperature

·Product weight 1.2g, with flexible silicone probe.

 ·Bluetooth transmits data to mobile phone or cloud remote monitoring


*Patient care: critically ill patients, preoperative patients, inpatients, epidemic prevention and control, family infants

*Disease prediction: heat radiation disease, hypothermia, diabetes, liver disease, heart disease, tuberculosis, cancer, etc

*Specific groups: athletes, astronauts, firefighters, soldiers, divers, extreme environment operators

*Physical evaluation: high temperature tolerance index, cold tolerance index, immunity, vaccine effect, female ovulation and pregnancy

 Operating Instructions

Thermometer Charging

    The external USB power supply of the charger charges the ear warmer for about 60 minutes, which can be used for 30 hours. When the ear warmer is not in use, please put it back into the charger in time.

—Install App

Scan the QR code or download TempView in Apple store and Google play.       

Wear Thermometer

    Take out the Thermometer from the charger, turn it on immediately, and wait for the app Bluetooth connection. Insert the ear warmer into the right or left ear canal and wear it at the correct position as shown in the figure below.


Frequently Asked Questions

- how to increase wireless transmission distance

It is recommended to use a well-known brand mobile phone to run the App TempView.

- the device cannot be connected

Check whether Bluetooth is enabled on the mobile phone, put the mobile phone close to the ear warmer or restart the app, and repeat the operation many times.

- records cannot be downloaded

In the process of downloading the recorded data, the following contents are always displayed on the screen for 2 minutes. Please put your mobile phone close to the ear warmer and download again.