Dial Cigar Humidor Hygrometer Thermometer with Clock and Backlight Touch LCD Screen

Group Temperature and Humidity Data Logger
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Update Time 2019-08-06
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Digital LCDNTC Sensor
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Temperature Recorder with Hygrometer delicate round shape with blue backlight LCD screen and one touch key . It measures,records and store ambient  environment temperature and humidity , touch-key query maximum/ minimum and record the data of temperature and humidity value per hour.The surface of the back cover is magnets and double-sided adhesives, which can easily adsorb the recorder on the metal surface or wall.



    BlueBacklight LCD screen with one touch key;

    Recording48 hours temperatue data ;           

    Query max/min measuring value ;            

    / display            

    Adhesivetape and magnetic place



    Temperature measuring range050;

    Humidity measuring range1095%RH;        

    Accuracy :±1(temp);     ±5%RH(humdi)      

    Power3V CR2032              

    Product size: D60 xH16mm



   Environmental monitoring: hotel,restaurant, pharmacy supermarket, home life, storage building.

   Electromechanical equipment:moisture-proof box, wine cabinet, constant temperature and humidity equipment.



    Color box: 120x90mm        

    Product weight: 32g    

    Carton size:360x260x270mm          

    Qty per cartone: 300pcs   

    Gross weight:10.5kg

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