Air Conditioning Power Saver save 35% power for home hotel and office

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Update Time 2019-08-05
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Air Conditioning Power Saver is an energy saving device designed for split air conditioners. It is easy to install, low cost and practical. It is based on the concept of energy conservation,according to a set of scientific control logic, so that the air conditioning not only saves energy and saves money, but also meets people's demand for energy saving, comfort and intelligent control...                



Automatically turn off air conditioner when you leave the room ;

Beep sound indicates the response of air conditioner;

LCDdisplay, digital clock , measure temperature and humidity ;

Indications of air conditioner working status;

Auto Sleeping Mode  



Human body detection range: 10M         

IR response distance: 5M            

Power: 2 x 1.5Vdc AAA batteries       

Product size126x 82 x 34mm             



Control and reduce electricity consumption of split air conditioners in homes, offices and hotels, saving 30%on electricity charges.



Color box:163x113x42mm       

Product weight:210g     

Carton size:545x350x370mm          

Qty per cartone: 72pcs   

Gross weight:16kg