Core Body Thermometer

Core Body Thermometer

Core Body Thermometer

Steel Tube Body Thermometer SV221:

*5mm diameter stainless steel pipe, easy to disinfect and clean

*Sealed, waterproof, shockproof and fall proof, strong and durable.

*Measurement of oral and anal temperatures in large animals.

*Configure charger and use for 30 hours after charging

*Product size: D5xL129mm

Capsule Core Thermometer SV223

*The shape is the same as that of the oral drug capsule, and the weight is 1.5g

*Core body temperature was measured after ingestion or subcutaneous implantation

*Product: 100 days / using life: 45 days

*It is applicable to all kinds of laboratory animals such as rats and mice

*Product size: D8.9xL22mm